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A Quote

January 23, 2011

"I wish there was no such thing as germs. That way, I could lick everything!!"


January 17, 2011

Nathaniel is going to be a super in an upcoming production of Faust. It's a pretty good role for a super; definitely more than just a spear-carrier:

He and another super, a girl named Jill, will be playing a pair of children who are looked after by Marguerite, the eponymous protagonist's love interest. She reads to them a tragic fable about doomed lovers, and they are stricken by the story's sadness. As they comfort each other, Marguerite often begins to wander away, taken herself by the romance of the tale. The children clutch at her when she does this, and beg her to continue reading.

As she reads, she is observed secretly by Faust and Méphistophélès. Faust is smitten also, by the sweetly romantic Marguerite.

Méphistophélès ensures that Faust's pursuit of Marguerite will succeed. This meeting, and the seduction that follows, is the event that drives the opera's plot.

He's Tiny Tim!

December 19, 2010

Nathaniel was selected to be one of two Tiny Tims in the 2010 Cardinal Stage Theater production of A Christmas Carol.

This is a big production here in Bloomington. Cardinal Stage is putting the show on at the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre, a 500-seat house built in 1922. There will be 14 shows. Each boy will be in seven of them. You do the math.

Adrian got a part too. This would be great, if they hadn't put each boy in a different cast. So this is a week of joy and merriment as we ferry a child to a show almost every day, and many days two shows. This is made even better by the amount of volunteering we seem to be expected to do on top of providing our children as slaves.

But I'm not bitter. At all.

Especially since it seems to be going well, and both of them are enjoying themselves. We even got a good review in the local rag.

Links to radio spot, etc. later, I hope.

Nattie Sings

Here are some songs Nattie knows:

Requested Tomato

Nattie has requested that his favorite picture of himself be posted here on his web page:

Some things Nattie wants you to know

When I come home from school, I'm always hungry.

[Dad sez: We're not sure how this happens, since the last thing he is supposed to do before getting picked up from school is to eat lunch!]

I tell my mommy "Make me a sandwich!"
I like half-sandwiches with mayonnaise, cheese, and sometimes tomatoes.


Let's get up-to-date

June 12, 2015

I haven't posted here for 4 years, which is forever in the life of a little boy. Nathaniel is now done with Montessori, and will be starting 7th grade in the fall. He's almost a teenager.

He's been in several more productions with the IU School of Music since Faust. Most recently he was one of the two children in South Pacific, and before that he was in La Bohème, and Hansel and Gretel, and Falstaff. All of these he got to do through his involvement in the IU Children's Choir. He's become one of Brent Gault's favorites, which means Nathaniel gets into everything, whether there are 12 kids' roles, or just 2. His theater resumé is better than his brother's, which is saying something.

In September of 2012, he got to be in another Cardinal Stage production. They performed To Kill A Mockingbird, and Nathaniel was cast as Dill, a major role. This show turned out very well, and I think it was Nathaniel's best theater experience so far. Even now, he gets recognized by strangers around town because they saw him in that show.